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Posted on October 6, 2023

Unraveling the Domino Effect of Moving Mishaps

As experts in packing and unpacking services for 15 years, we have been collaborating with numerous moving companies throughout the Metro Vancouver area, gaining valuable insights into the common pitfalls that can turn a move into a nightmare.

Six Essential Moving Tips

Here are six essential tips to ensure a seamless and stress-free moving experience:

1. Balancing Cost and Quality: The pitfalls of choosing a moving company solely based on price can often lead to unexpected expenses and a chaotic moving experience. Prioritizing service quality over price is crucial to avoid the domino effect of mishaps during your move.

2. There is no such thing as an ‘average’ two-bedroom apartment when it comes to determining your moving needs. The number of boxes and items can vary significantly from one apartment to another. To ensure an accurate estimate and a smooth moving process, it’s essential to have the moving company conduct either a video tour or an in-home survey. This way, they can assess your home, plan for the required number of movers, select an appropriately sized truck, and determine the necessary supplies for your specific situation.

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3. Two men and a truck? Always choose to have more people and finish the move in less time. It’s important to remember that even two movers are human, and their energy levels can wane after seven hours of labor. As a result, the ninth hour of work can easily stretch into double the time, increasing the risk of accidents when fatigue sets in.

4. The elevator disaster: If you move from or to an apartment building, you are most likely having to book the elevator. In areas like Yale Town or Olympic Village in Vancouver, you typically have a limited window of time, usually around 2-4 hours, to use the elevator exclusively for your move. Now, imagine if the movers underestimate the loading time, causing delays. The consequence? You’ll either face penalties for exceeding the allotted elevator time or, even worse, share the elevator with others, resulting in a more prolonged and challenging move.

5. Incurring Additional Costs Due to Traffic Delays: Consider a scenario where you’re relocating from Richmond, BC, to West Vancouver. Your movers need to traverse two bridges, and it’s crucial for them to arrive before the rush-hour traffic begins. This ensures a smoother and more efficient move, as well as potential cost savings.

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6. Insurance Considerations: Many moving companies base their insurance coverage on the weight of your belongings. If you happen to possess a high-value item that is also lightweight, you may not receive adequate compensation in the event of an accident. It’s essential to inform your movers about any valuable items and secure proper insurance coverage for them. Our top recommendation to clients is this: Maintain your home insurance on moving day. Inform your insurance broker of your relocation plans and ensure that your possessions are covered for their actual value during the moving process.

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In one sentence: A planned move is a smooth move. For a stress-free move, trust us to make it a smooth journey. We pack – you relax.

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