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We pack your house in one day - You relax

We have fast and efficient packing and unpacking solution for you.
We pack a house in one day, so you can go on with your life. We plan the packing for your new layout, so you will know exactly what’s inside the boxes. Moving belonging to 2 different locations? Not a problem for us, we will color code the labels for an easy smooth move.

Your Job

To continue doing what you do best, leave the rest to us. Call or email and we will provide a free no obligation estimate – to customize a packing solution for your needs.

  • Benefits to you

    We guarantee our packing quotes so you can easily plan a budget. No hidden fees. In most cases, we pack a house in Vancouver in only a few hours and unpack for the same number of hours.

  • why hire us

    Priorities: We structure the packing to minimize disruptions to your business.

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  • testimonials

    Vancouver In The Box allowed us to work up until the night before the move. They arrived on schedule, and within a few hours had our entire clinic neatly packed into labelled crates. The next day they arrived at the new location to unpack and put everything where it belongs. The service has not only saved us from losing several days’ revenue due to packing/unpacking, it has also eliminated a stressful and exhausting job. Planning and executing a business move requires a tremendous amount of work, and I realize that we would not have opened on time if we had to do the packing ourselves. In my opinion Vancouver In The Box provides a very important service, and we would recommend the company to anyone planning a company move”

    Jeanie Bezdan, BA, RMT.

    Managing Partner Burnaby Square Orthopaedic & Sports Centre Inc. June 2015

Choose Your Package:

  • 01

    Packing for busy people

    Busy and can dedicate hours to pack your home? Don’t live with boxes for weeks, we will arrive a day before the move, pack your belonging in only a few hours and if you wish will unpack it all after the move. You will settle in and get back to work in no time.

  • 02

    For renovators: Surface package

    Are you considering renovating the kitchen or redoing the floor? We provide a Surface Package for one area in the house. We will not only pack your belonging, but we also coordinate storage lockers and movers and unpack once your project is over and you are ready to move back on.

  • 03

    For realtors and stagers: presell package

    Do you have to “di-personalize” the house before you sell? Once you decide what should not be at the house during the selling process, we will pack it all for you in just a few hours, fast and efficient presell packing, helping you put the house on the market quickly.

  • 04

    Add on: IT package

    Disassemble computer, entertainment system and TV by a computer expert. Reassemble in your new home.

Who says you have to live out of boxes for days, weeks or months

  • A no-hassle approach means no stress whatsoever on your side.
  • You get on with your daily life and let us do the packing. We do it in just one day!
  • Our methodical process sorts and labels everything for time-saving retrieval.
  • We are fully insured.
  • You get on with your daily life and let us do the unpacking and organizing.
  • Voila.

How long does it take to pack your home

Depending on the amount of belonging and fragile items, it takes one day. Packing an average condo in Yaletown will take 3-5 hours. Packing an average house in Kitsilano/Kerrisdale (1500sf– 3000sf) will take 6-7 hours.



Vancouver in the Box – Packing Services

Margaret Lau
Margaret Lau
I’ve used Limor’s services a few times now, and I’m fully satisfied each and every time. Her team is courteous, professional, and so very efficient. (Packed a 2700-sq feet, 4-person house in 3-4 hours!) For this most recent move, we also used their unpacking service, and man was I impressed! The team was very thoughtful in where they put things and asked questions when they thought I may have a preference (since kitchen placement is so personal!). I especially appreciated how they removed all the boxes (from BBX moving), cardboard, and paper and put them in the carport, so the house felt ready to live in when they were done. So amazing! (BBX Moving came and removed ALL the boxes and cardboard and trash the next day). Limor herself is always responsive, patient, and extremely pleasant to deal with. In the few times that I’ve worked with her, I always get a sense that she works very hard, takes pride in her work, and has a very strong work ethic. All in all, I would not hesitate to recommend them. Worth every penny!!
Genoa Vartell
Genoa Vartell
Vancouver in the Box exceeded all my expectations. They set up a video call right away to give me an initial quote and took the time to do a second video call after I got through decluttering. The Team that showed up at my house was professional, friendly and quick. They took time to walk me through what was done to make sure everything was done to my satisfaction and colour coded my boxes. Great job guys! I highly recommend this company.
Elizabeth Anne
Elizabeth Anne
Had them come box up everything before a renovation. They are very professional, very efficient and courteous; they packed everything perfectly even the oddly shaped items, that I was concerned with. Fragile stickers where needed and all boxes labeled! Very thankful to Limor and her staff!!
Greg Smith
Greg Smith
Always amazing! We've used them before and I'd use them again and recommend them easily to everyone. Thank you so much for a great move!
Joanne Charlton
Joanne Charlton
Vancouver In The Box gave highly professional, exceptional work from start to finish. Limor and her team are amazing at what they do, and they provide courteous, caring service throughout. They come in with a plan, they hussle, and they get it done right! You won’t go wrong in hiring them. We began with an on-site consultation where Limor walked through the house, took notes, asked questions about priorities, and provided suggestions on how to proceed. We decided to utilize her team for packing as well as some unpacking services. I am so very glad we did. It was critically important for us that we minimize the chaos of the move for Dad. He has memory issues that make any change to his environment frustrating and confusing for him. Limor proposed that we split packing across two days and leave the key pieces like Dad’s bedroom and his tv room for the last moment. Also, they photographed Dad’s space and when unpacking they essentially recreated it in our new place so that he immediately felt at home. It was brilliant! I wish I had taken photos of the boxes they packed so you could see the attention to detail in their work. We did not lose a single piece to breakage, and we had around 200 boxes of goods being moved. Everything was labelled and colour coded. And their art inventory service is such a great idea, I highly recommend taking advantage of that too. I’m not going to tell you it was cheap because frankly it wasn’t. But let’s get real here: we hired trained professionals to provide a skilled service that supported our move and made our lives so much easier. I can tell you with absolute conviction that it was money very well spent, and we received excellent value for our investment.
Claudia Bullington
Claudia Bullington
Best moving experience ever in my life. They came to my house and packed everything in two hours. Then they unpacked after movers finished their job. They helped me figuring out my new place storage cupboards in kitchen, washroom and closets. This took away so much stress I had around the move. My new place was all unpacked and ready within two hours. No cardboard boxes to recycle, no tape, wrapping paper. All was taken care of as they bring their own plastic containers which were picked up right away. Stress free worth gold decision. So glad I worked with this company. I wouldn’t do it any way in the future. Highly recommend Limor and her team. They were amazing.
Lara Hoshizaki
Lara Hoshizaki
Limor, Mari and her team were incredible and thorough. It was honestly the best money I’ve ever spent and would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone.
Silvia Miles
Silvia Miles
Vancouver in the Box helped us during a complicated move with a toddler, into a house that was not yet finished. It was a stressful time, so I am greatful that Vancouver in the Box was there to take at least some of that stress away. Their packing and unpacking service was perfect and such a lifesaver.

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