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Moving within North Vancouver or West Vancouver

If you are planning a move within the North Shore area, particularly North Vancouver and West Vancouver, you are not alone. Each year, approximately 6-8% of our clients make a move within these areas, and this trend has remained steady over the past three years. Interestingly, many families who move to the North Shore tend to stay and relocate within this region. For instance, in both 2020 and 2022, 6% of our clients moved between North and West Vancouver, while in 2021, a core year of the pandemic, we experienced an increase (8%) in clients moving within the North Shore boundaries. This increase was mainly due to families with parents working from home and children attending online school requiring a different home configuration. These families either moved to a new home that better fit their needs or temporarily relocated while renovating their current North Shore residence.

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What do we offer for clients moving to North Vancouver and West Vancouver?

Packing for your move:

We offer a range of residential packing services to clients moving within North Vancouver and West Vancouver, including efficient and fast packing and unpacking solutions. We can pack your entire house in one day, saving you time and energy. We plan the packing process according to your new layout, color-coding boxes to match the new floor plan. Our movers will drop off boxes in the correct location, and each box will be labeled with the room and contents. We also offer commercial packing services to businesses.

A full solution:

We believe that a planned move is a smooth move. Everyone is different. Therefore, we estimate every single job to learn about our client’s needs.
We also provide full packing and unpacking services, as well as coordinating other services to ensure your move is smooth and hassle-free. We work closely with trusted movers and other service providers to ensure all aspects of your move are taken care of.

At Vancouver in the Box, we believe that a well-planned move is a smooth move, and we are committed to ensuring that your move within the North Shore is stress-free and successful.


  • Our goal is to reduce stress at the most stressful time. Don’t worry about the hassle of packing, we can do it all in only a few hours.

  • We pack to prevent the loss of business. You do business as usual, while we pack. No need to shut down the office prior to your move. Don’t let your customers wait, our labeling system allow us to unpack and get you settled.

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