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Frequently Asked Questions about our Packing Services

How can I get a quote for packing?


No house is like another, each one has different needs. Some will move from A to B and some will send items to storage and to a temporary location. Some have more books, and some have special art, therefore, we always estimate and provide you with an accurate quote you can rely on. The only way to receive a quote is to schedule a free video estimate via video call (Facetime/ WhatsApp /Zoom/ Viber), we want to understand your needs and Taylor the best solution for you.


Can you provide a quote based on the size of the house or the leasing link?


Your leasing link shows how beautiful your home looks, we would like to pick into cupboards and closets. The only way to receive a quote is to schedule a free video estimate via video call (Facetime/ WhatsApp /Zoom/ Viber), we want to understand your needs and Taylor the best solution for you.

How much does it cost?


Clients who hire us would like to get their house packed and ready for a smooth move. We send you a quote, based on our rate per box. Meaning: we charge to pack a box + boxes and supplies we need. This is the most measurable and reliable way to have your home ready for a smooth move. In the written quote, you will find the number of boxes we estimated and the price per box + a list of all the boxes and supplies we need, and the price.

What happened if you pack more or fewer boxes?


The video estimate is done in order to be as accurate as possible; we do this for over a decade and our quotes are reliable. However, we encourage clients to declutter and take with them only what they like and sometimes we end up packing fewer boxes than we estimated. In that case, we reduce the price accordingly ($$ per box) + remove the unused supplies.

Do you bring the boxes or I should bring them?


Yes, we will bring everything we need to have you ready for a smooth move. That includes boxes, wrapping paper, etc…

What kind of boxes do you use?


As part of the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM), we work with the industry standard boxes. Depending on your destination and other factors (when are you planning to unpack? Is your new home still under construction? ) we will use cardboard boxes or reusable plastic bins – these are most effective for local moves as long as you are going to unpack them in a week or two. We have wardrobes and special boxes for art. Shipping overseas will also require special boxes which we will bring.

How long does it take to pack my house?


Since we have well-trained professional packers, we can calculate how long it takes based on the number of boxes we estimated for you. Usually, it takes 1 working day to pack a full big house in Vancouver/ North Vancouver. Anything over 120 boxes we like to split into 2 days, especially if there are many art and fragile boxes.

What if I need to send some boxes to storage or to a second location how do you know what goes where?


Packing day starts with a detailed walkthrough when our team leader marks what goes where in the NEW LAYOUT. As well as what are the items you don’t want us to pack. We use color-coded labels to differentiate your belonging. It can be color-coded by floors, by locations- storage/ temporary location/ shipping, etc…

What happens on packing day?


Packing day starts with a walk-through. Once we know what is going on and what goes where our team will spread around and start packing. We will need you again at the very end of the day to do another walk-through and make sure we pack everything and didn’t miss anything.
Our clients usually go on with their day.

How many packers will come to my home?


Depending on the number of boxes we have to pack and the size of the house. Our goal is to finish the packing process in a day between 4-7 hours.

Do you help sort? Downsize?


If you plan to declutter, sort, and downsize, that process takes a lot of time and energy, and we will ask you to do so BEFORE packing day. On packing day, the house must be ready for us to pack with no delays. If you need help with sorting or downsizing, we are happy to connect you with professional organizers who do exactly that.

Do you pack for long distances, across the border to USA, and ferry travel moves?


Yes, we do. Across the border and long-distance pack is a bit of a different process than local move pack. Our team knows the roles of the long-distance pack. If you are moving to Vancouver Island or another Island that requires ferry travel. Our team knows what can get packed and what is not allowed to be boxed.

Which moving company do you recommend?


We work with most of the companies in the lower mainland and especially in the Metro Vancouver area. We are able to recommend based on your needs. We also work with different storage solutions.

Do you unpack?


Yes, we provide unpacking services as well- with our labeling system we will label everything for easy unpacking. We place all your belongings into cupboards and closets. This process starts with a walkthrough as well, especially in the kitchen as this room will always be different.

Are you insured? And work safe BC?


Our company is fully insured and has Work Safe BC. Our packers are the company’s employees.

Do you pack offices and showrooms?


Yes, we do. We have a special system for commercial offices where we unpack identically so there won’t be any downtime for employees. We pack showrooms as well.

  • Our goal is to reduce stress at the most stressful time. Don’t worry about the hassle of packing, we can do it all in only a few hours.

  • We pack to prevent the loss of business. You do business as usual, while we pack. No need to shut down the office prior to your move. Don’t let your customers wait, our labeling system allows us to unpack and get you settled.

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