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Posted on March 9, 2017

Moving Mistakes

Vancouver is well known as a “short notice move out ” city. It can happen to you if you are renting a downtown condo that got sold or when you sell your home and the buyer wants to take possession sooner.

Most people forget how their last move was or have had many changes in their life since then. Families grow and in general, we accumulate more stuff, which can lead to many problems with moving.

Moving Mistakes

Here are the top 7 issues that lead to big moving mistakes:

1. “I don’t have a lot.”

Don’t underestimate how much you have. Open all the cupboards and closets, and take a look under the bed. Add 20% on top of your estimate. Packing is the most time-consuming part of every move. We at Vancouver In The Box will pack a full house in only one day, but most people need a month. There are many things to do prior to the move, so pack just a little bit every day.

2. “There is nothing in the garage.”

So how come your car doesn’t fit in? Get out there and have a look. Yes, there are many large items, but are any of your belongings fit into boxes? Loose items can tremendously slow down the move.

3. “I am taking everything.”

If you’ve lived in your current home for a while, you will have some stuff that shouldn’t come with you. De-clutter that box with the “extra” cables and cords. Donate and recycle things you haven’t used for a long time. Leave room for new things in the new home.

4. “I got a bunch of boxes for free.”

Do you know where did they come from? If you have allergies, you could be introducing allergens into your home. Or how about bedbugs and silverfish? these live in cardboard and can hide until they arrive at the new destination – will that be your new place? We rent plastic rental boxes for our clients in Metro Vancouver. We will use new cardboard boxes for those who are moving long-distance, but we never transfer them from client to client.

4. “My friends will help me pack a day before the move.”

Would you choose to come home from a long day at work and go do more work?

5. “I will know what’s in every box.”

Do not skip the labeling. In the new house, things will be placed differently and it will be hard to prioritize the unpacking.

6. “I’m only moving two blocks, so I’ll send everything with the trucks.”

All your boxes will make it to the destination eventually, but that can be a very long day. Get organized and carry with you a backpack with a change of clothes, toiletries, a towel, and a snack.

7. “I’m getting a truck and I have some friends to help me load.”

If your friends are professional movers you are lucky. Otherwise, they can cause a lot of damage not only to your belongings but also to the homes you are leaving or moving into.

Plan ahead and hire professional packers and movers for a stress-free move.

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