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Posted on January 6, 2023

Packing Tips for Moving by Ferry

What to consider when your moving requires ferry travel?

From 2020 to today, we have packed and moved three times as many clients to Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and the Sunshine Coast.

The number of clients moving from Metro Vancouver to Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and to the Sunshine Coast, has increased steadily in the past 3 years. During 2022, 9% of the clients we have packed moved to the islands and to the sunshine coast. The year before in 2021 there were 6.5% and in 2020 3.5%.

We always say: a planned move is a smooth move; this is even more critical when your move requires ferry travel. So, what to consider when your move is a ferry move?

Even though you are staying within the boundaries of BC when moving to one of the Islands, not everything you have at home is allowed to be in a box on a truck on a ferry.

Packing Tips for Ferry Travel

Cleaning supplies: Household cleaning supplies, sprays, liquids, or powder present hazards in a truck on a ferry. A leak in one of the products can cause a reaction with another product or due to a change in the temperature. If they are placed in a closed box in a truck, it will be hard to find the problem during the travel time. The safest way to transport household cleaners will be in your personal car. We can still pack those items while all bottles upright and well-sealed. We will leave the box open and ask our clients to transport this box in their personal car where they can monitor any change.

Flammable items: propane tank, fire extinguisher, portable fuel tank (full), and compressed air tank can be transported on the ferry. However, these are all flammable and can start a fire, especially when they are placed in the truck. In this case, just like we do with chemical cleaners, we advise our clients to place those items in their personal cars where they can monitor any changes.

Food: If you are moving directly to a new home, you can transfer all food items with you. But if you transfer your belongings to a storage locker for a few weeks or months you can’t store food at all because food attracts rats. Even when the food items are well-sealed the smell attracts critters and bugs.

Our Packing Services will Make Your Move Smoother

How can you remember what goes where? You don’t have to. As we do our first packing consultation, we let our clients know about the requirements. Our packers are well-trained to spot those items and will advise you how to handle them on packing day as well. Contact us today for a free estimate.

More about ferry dangerous goods can be found here

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