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Moving or renovating your office? keep doing what you do best, leave the packing to the experts.

Moving or renovating your business space doesn’t have to interfere with your office routine. Employees may be able to pack their own desks but who takes responsibility for the common areas like storage, kitchen, library, and archive areas?

Your Job

To continue doing what you do best, leave the rest to us. Call or email and we will provide a free no obligation estimate – to customize a packing solution for your needs.

  • Benefits to you

    Employees can keep focused on their tasks. No loss of money, time, and customer service.

  • why hire us

    Priorities: We structure the packing to minimize disruptions to your business.

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  • testimonials

    Vancouver In The Box allowed us to work up until the night before the move. They arrived on schedule, and within a few hours had our entire clinic neatly packed into labelled crates. The next day they arrived at the new location to unpack and put everything where it belongs. The service has not only saved us from losing several days’ revenue due to packing/unpacking, it has also eliminated a stressful and exhausting job. Planning and executing a business move requires a tremendous amount of work, and I realize that we would not have opened on time if we had to do the packing ourselves. In my opinion Vancouver In The Box provides a very important service, and we would recommend the company to anyone planning a company move”

    Jeanie Bezdan, BA, RMT.

    Managing Partner Burnaby Square Orthopaedic & Sports Centre Inc. June 2015

Choose Your Package:

Who says you have to live out of boxes for days, weeks or months

  • A no-hassle approach means no stress whatsoever on your side.
  • You get on with your daily life and let us do the packing. We do it in just one day!
  • Our methodical process sorts and labels everything for time-saving retrieval.
  • We are fully insured.
  • You get on with your daily life and let us do the unpacking and organizing.
  • Voila.

How long does it take to pack your home

Depending on the amount of belonging and fragile items, it takes one day. Packing an average condo in Yaletown will take 3-5 hours. Packing an average house in Kitsilano/Kerrisdale (1500sf– 3000sf) will take 6-7 hours.



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