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Posted on March 9, 2017

Moving your business? Renovating the office?

Commercial Packing

As a business owner, hiring professional packing services for commercial moves or pre-renovation will save you a lot of money and time without losing customers.

Office Packing

Recently we were called to pack an office. It had everything you would expect to see – desks, bookcases, file cabinets, reception, storage, and a printer room. 12 cubicles that each employee could have packed on their own.  Sounds simple? Well, it’s not that easy if the office needs to keep working. Not only that, but you, as a manager would be paying your employees to do a job they were not hired to do and you lose productivity.

Another thing everyone tends to forget is that while employees are able to pack their own desks,  no -one takes responsibility for the storage, kitchen, and printer room. These are usually full of supplies.

Two days before the renovation started, we got a call to pack the business pre-renovation. Our team arrived with 110 plastic rental boxes, labels, and supplies. That day in the office, everyone finished working on time and left for home. We started packing. The entire office was completed in less than 4 hours.  Our labeling system allowed for easy unpacking.  When they came back to work the next day, the office was ready for business as usual.

The Benefits :

  • No need to shut down the office and lose money, time, and customers.
  • Everything was professionally packed and labeled for easy unpacking, including the common rooms ( such as storage).
  • Employees are happier.

If you are thinking of moving or renovating, professional packing services is the best option for you.

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