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Posted on March 9, 2017

Choosing a solution for long term storage and packing

Long term storage and packing

Packing for long term storage requires a different procedure than when packing for moving.

It can be a ”transition storage” when you’re in-between homes and you prefer to store your belongings for a while.  In this case, that storage can be a small locker in your building. You will need to store items that are infrequently used, like seasonal and holiday items. These two need to be packed with extra care in order to keep them in good condition.

Things to consider when choosing a storage facility:

  • How secure is the storage facility? Are my things safe?
  • How sanitary is the storage facility? Are the lockers cleaned after each tenant?
  • Is the storage facility temperature controlled? Think about your oil painting and leather sofa when the temperature rises in summer!

Once a suitable storage facility has been chosen, there are 7 important things to remember when packing for long term storage:

1. Stop mould before it starts: Before you start packing, make sure all your belongings are clean and dry!  Mould can develop in 24 hours. Even if you have just a few drops of water in one box, mould can easily spread from cardboard to cardboard and affect the entire storage facility.

2. Don’t pack things you may need in an emergency: Health cards, passports, medication. Once these items have been stored it may be difficult to access them when you need them.

3. Remove all batteries:  It’s important to remove batteries from all electronics in your storage facility. The batteries may leak when left unattended, which can destroy your equipment.

4. Leather needs to ‘breathe’:  Do not wrap your leather with plastic shrink wrap. This can damage them. However, if you want extra protection from dust, cover them with blankets.

5. Maximise efficiency:  Storage space is limited, make sure most of your belongings are packed in boxes and stack them well. A tip is to pack pillows and large soft items inside dressers and drawers. It won’t affect the weight but it will save you space and boxes.

6. Keep track: Make an inventory list of all items and boxes in the storage facility. After a few months, you may forget what you stored.

7. Remain accessible: It’s always a good idea to rent a locker that will leave you some space to move things around in case you need to access any of the boxes. If a box is frequently used, be sure to store it in an easily reachable place.

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