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Posted on March 9, 2017

Packing and Reinstalling Tech Items

Packing Tech Items

There is nothing worse than taking down your techie items. Right? Wrong! In fact there is… trying to hook them all up after a long moving day. No matter how small is your home and how many boxes you have, you probably have lots of cables, entertainment systems, gaming consoles and more.  If you know anyone who is moving and going to face this techie nightmare all alone, this blog is for them.

How to get unwired:

1. Shut everything down.

2. Create a “map” by labelling the cords:

After shutting down your equipment take a label maker, or masking tape and a pen and label the cables before you remove them. Not sure what a certain item is called? Doesn’t matter! The labels have to guide you when putting things together again, so choose names that make sense to you.

3.Roll’em up!

Don’t just throw the cables into the box. After removing a cable, roll it up and tie it together. Use a cable tie or masking tape. Avoid packing tape as it will leave a sticky residue on your cable after pulling it off. Place the cables together with the equipment that you removed it from (all TV cords together, all receiver cords together and so on). That way you can’t get confused by which cord goes with which piece of equipment.

4. Mr. Swiffer

Let’s be honest, who cleans behind their TV, computer or any other equipment as often as we probably should? I’m guilty myself. Here is your opportunity to correct this shortfall! After your equipment is shut down, take a dry cloth or Swiffer and wipe it off. Pay special attention to any vents or air intake. If a piece of equipment is too dusty on the inside it can overheat and get damaged.

How to rewire

Congratulations! You just moved into your new place. Now it’s time to unpack the boxes and reassemble your computer and entertainment system.

First, get in your equipment into the right place. Put the TV in its designated spot and place all related TV cords beside it.  You labeled every cord, remember? How easy is it to plug it all in now? This techie stuff is not half as scary anymore.

But if you still don’t want to deal with all that, we understand! That’s why we offer you the IT Package as part of the packing for your move. Leave it to the pros. Vancouver in the Box and WhiteWay IT Solutions will come to the rescue, helping you to unplug from moving stress.

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