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Posted on March 18, 2020

Free and green resources to help you declutter

Vancouver is full of free and green resources that can help you declutter before you start packing

We always recommend that our clients make sure they take only what they want to a new home. In other words – it’s time to get rid of “stuff”.  

One great thing about Vancouver is that the city has many eco-friendly resources to help you de-clutter for free, or almost free. With many of these services, you don’t even have to leave the house.

Here are our best green resources…

1. Throw a party

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Start with a giveaway VIP party! Invite friends and family to pick through items you no longer need. Designate the day and time, and make it a fun event. Whatever is left can be donated or sold at a yard sale. 

2. Donate without leaving the house

Get rid of clothing you haven’t worn for the last two years, extra toys and unwanted furniture. Once you have finished, call the Recycling BC hotline. They can tell you which organization will pick up donations from your door.
RCBC hotline: 604-7329253 

3. Recycle

Have you ever wondered what to do with old electronics such as cell phones, printers, DVDs, batteries or other items you can’t leave in the “Blue Box”? Click here to learn where to recycle different materials.

4. Where to dispose of a mattress

Most organizations do not accept mattresses as a donation – either because of limited storage space or because they are afraid of bedbugs. 

Burnaby will pick up large appliances and mattresses for free, you just need to let them know. Click here to learn more

If you are in another city you can arrange an affordable pick up with a non-profit organization. Click here for more details

5. Consign, auction, or sell online

There are some great consignment stores in Vancouver! Before you show up call to find out what they accept. Some stores only accept seasonal items or have an item minimum. Others may not be accepting new items. The good news is, if you manage to get in, you will get some money back. 

If you choose to sell through an online platform remember to be patient. You will have to invest time talking to people and meeting with them.

Get rid of unwanted items, and make room for new things in your new home! 

We pack – you relax. 

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