Covid-19: Our Response

Our client & employee safety precautions:

None of our team members have travelled outside of Canada for the last two weeks, nor are they showing any symptoms of illness. Anyone that does not meet these criteria will not be allowed to work.

For your protection and ours, all packers are required to wear masks and gloves. Masks may be taken off if the packer judges it necessary.

Preparation for packing day:

Please designate one person to interact with our staff on moving day. Avoid bringing “helpers” and make sure children are in a separate area while we are working.

We will confirm the following on our 24-hour confirmation call:

Please do not provide our packers with food or drinks. We will bring our own.

Before our arrival, please make sure all windows are opened and there is airflow in the space.

Please keep in mind your home is our workspace.

We will do our best to work while keeping our distance – we ask that you do the same, and avoid staying in the same room as our workers.

Please designate a washroom for our team to use. Each one of our packers has a personal towel and personal hand soap.

If our team finds the job site environment to be too dirty, too crowded or if anyone is showing symptoms or not cooperating, we may choose to stop the work and reschedule. We ask that you respect this decision.

Please have your own pen ready to sign documents at the end of the day.

Our boxes and supplies:

We never transfer boxes from house to house. Not only because of the coronavirus but also because we want to avoid bringing bugs or pet hair to a new home.

When using reusable boxes we work with suppliers who always ensure to bring us clean and sanitized boxes.

We only use new wrapping paper and never reuse paper between jobs. This way we can avoid bringing unwanted debris, dust or residue into your new home.

A planned move is a safe and smooth move.